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Our Philosophy

Dental Testimonials on our website reflect Dr Georgaklis’ treatment approach where he gently counsels patients how to plan their treatment in an efficient and economical manner, and this is why our patients remain loyal for years. We do not overtreat your dental condition. Dr G’s small staff of handpicked professionals reflect this focus on excellence in dentistry and in character. Yet we price ourselves in the middle range for a Brookline dental practice, as we want to serve you the public, and not just an elite niche of famous people, or other dentists, as we have treated before.


We strive to minimize office visits when possible. We will not over exposure you to radiation, taking dental xrays only as necessary. Deep periodontal cleanings are done when we can show you their need, and dental restorations are done after showing you evidence of tooth decay either in a mirror or on xray. Ask your dentists for this.


We are a low volume dental office as Dr G sees only 8-12 patients a day, so you will notice the difference that personalized dental care makesOur focus is you.


In the end, a dentist’s resume are his before and after pictures. We feel our cosmetic dentistry before and after pictures are unmatched. If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist, this should be your primary focus above all else because results matter.

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