Maintain Your Healthiest Smile

At Cleveland Circle Dental Associates, we implement the latest dental strategies to create your ideal smile.


Personalized Dental Care

We are a low volume dental office, as Dr. Georaklis’ focus is 100% on you each visit.

Dental Cleaning

Great dental cleaning comes from healthy gums, they are the foundation for your teeth.

Children's Dentistry

Dr. Maria Georgaklis personifies excellence in the orthodontic needs of children.
The Cleveland Circle Difference?

Personalized dental service with an expert staff

We are a small Brookline dental office that delivers personalized dental care. Our focus is providing excellent dentistry with cutting-edge dental knowledge and technology. This starts with an explanation of what dental work you may need, as well as why you need it. We are your Brookline Dentist.

Experienced And Friendly Dental Team

Dental Services.
teeth bleaching brookline
Teeth Bleaching.

We offer the a Tooth Bleaching process at the office, or in an at home kit….

tooth extractions brookline
Tooth Extractions.

Our part time surgeon, Dr Nagieh, performs teeth extractions with no post-operative complications….

dental bridge brookline
Dental Bridge.

This process consists of reshaping teeth & cementing a porcelain bridge between two teeth…..

Why Us ?

We Care About The Small Stuff

Dr. Clifton Georgaklis pays attention to detail in his dental diagnosis.

He partners with our patients in deciding a complete dental treatment plan and its timely delivery.

We have operated this way since 1991.

Dr. Clifton Georgaklis

A Brookline native, Dr. Georgaklis was educated at Yale and the University of Connecticut Dental School where he graduated at the top of his class and earned a perfect score on his clinical board examination. (4 x 100% on all four clinical sections).
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    Danielle Osterweil

    “I will never forget your promise to me that the treatment would take 6 months. I have to admit I did not believe you. My hopes were that the treatment would be completed within a year. You amazed me by finishing in just 5 months! If there were slogans in orthodontics, yours should be ‘underpromise, then over-deliver.’ Thank you so much for improving my teeth, my smile and my life.”

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    Gordon Christensen

    “I congratulate you for your innovative and thoughtful approach to the subject. I feel certain that many more people would have orthodontic therapy if it could be simplified and made more acceptable to them as adults… You are doing a great service to educate those who have interest.”

Dentist Recognition.
To learn more about our unique 6-month adult braces, visit for in-depth information.
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