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Tooth Colored Fillings
Tooth Extractions
Root Canals - Our aim is Painless Dentistry
Cosmetic Crowns - all ceramic
Pediatric Dentistry with a caring touch

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  • A great dental cleaning comes first as healthy gums and bone are the foundation for your teeth. It has been proven that if you neglect a dental cleaning, you may be prone not only to gum disease but also heart disease, as bleeding gums carry bacteria and inflammation from the mouth throughout the body clogging arteries. With mild periodontal inflammation, we sometimes recommend a second thorough dental cleaning before the more involved "deep scaling" because this may save you time and money.
  • Tooth colored fillings should blend in and have a protective base  to prevent sensitivity. Great dentistry should last 10 years or more with good hygiene.
  • We perform  root canals efficiently and effectively, as they are done with the latest electronics, instruments, and full warm sealing materials.
  • The contour and color of a dentists cosmetic crowns are often a good measure of their talent. We strive for the most natural looking porcelain crowns with translucent materials indistinguishable from natural teeth, using computer shading in a room with extensive natural lighting for the best dental crowns.
  • Dr. Maria Georgaklis personifies excellence in managing the behavioral and technical aspects of taking care of the unique restorative and orthodontic needs of children. From a Latin culture that cherishes children, you will be glad you brought your child to Dr. Maria. See for detailed information.
  • Dr. Georgaklis is the originator of short-term 6-month adult cosmetic orthodontic treatment, a unique niche that he developed. Hundreds of dentists have come to our office since 1999 from throughout the world to watch and learn Dr. Georgaklis' novel cosmetic dental and orthodontic techniques. Our office walls are covered with Dr. Georgaklis' articles on this topic. Visit for more information on this unique area.

The Cleveland Circle Difference

 Drs Clifton and Maria Georgaklis

Personalized service with a caring staff

We are a small Brookline dental office that delivers personalized dental care. Our focus is providing excellent dentistry with cutting edge dental knowledge and technology. This starts with an explanation of what dental work you may need, as well as why you need it. We are your Brookline Dentist.

Unusual Cases

This lady was told elsewhere she needed major jaw surgery. This is our result with just 6 month  fastbraces and gum reshaping, and she was thrilled. This is not an easy case...

We Care About The Small Stuff

Dr Clifton Georgaklis pays attention to detail in his diagnosis. He partners with our patients in deciding a complete dental treatment plan and its timely delivery. We explain dental treatment to you in understandable terms. Technically our aim is to perform work worthy of publication in a dental journal, and be able to present magnified close up photos of our work, as we lecture to dentists nationally on cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Georgaklis has done this many times over the past ten years with some lectures lasting a full day. Our walls are lined with before and after articles on cosmetic dentistry written by Dr. Georgaklis showing his cosmetic dentistry close up. Ultimately though, this is about you, your comfort, your dental health, and your satisfaction, and we have operated this way since 1991 offering dental fillings, cosmetic dental crowns, root canals, dental bridges, porcelain veneers, tooth bleaching/tooth whitening, dental implants, toothache treatment, and Straight Teeth in 6 months orthodontics which Dr G originated 22 years ago.

Our Philosophy

Dental Testimonials on our website reflect Dr Georgaklis' treatment approach where he gently counsels patients how to plan their treatment in an efficient and economical manner, and this is why our patients remain loyal for years. We do not overtreat your dental condition. Dr G's small staff of handpicked professionals reflect this focus on excellence in dentistry and in character. Yet we price ourselves in the middle range for a Brookline dental practice, as we want to serve you the public, and not just an elite niche of famous people, or other dentists, as we have treated before.

We strive to minimize office visits when possible. We will not over exposure you to radiation, taking dental xrays only as necessary. Deep periodontal cleanings are done when we can show you their need, and dental restorations are done after showing you evidence of tooth decay either in a mirror or on xray. Ask your dentists for this.

We are a low volume dental office as Dr G sees only 8-12 patients a day, so you will notice the difference that personalized dental care makes. Our focus is you.

In the end, a dentist’s resume are his before and after pictures. We feel our cosmetic dentistry before and after pictures are unmatched. If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist, this should be your primary focus above all else because results matter.